The Cobbler’s children have no shoes – and this marketing consultancy had no website, until now.

The Cobbler’s children have no shoes – and this marketing consultancy had no website, until now.

Yes, you read that correctly – our very first website launched today – 7 years after the business was born. Aren’t we a bunch of hypocrites! When sitting down with clients our starting point is always the website. Whether you sell sprinklers or cattle or skincare, everything always boils down to the website, the user experience and the maintenance.

But here is the thing about websites – they are very much like having a baby. There is a conception process, which is always fun, there is a birthing process, which is unfortunately sometimes painful, and then there is a phase of feeding, burping and cleaning. But nothing beats the joy of watching your little one flourish – and it’s the same with a website. As soon as that site spreads its wings and fly – it is all worth it.

So why did we wait 7 years to get our own website up and running? Well, we try and make this website baby making birthing process as easy as possible for our clients. Which left us flustered to take care of our own baby. But at the end of 2020 – the year of the pandemic, rest its soul – our Digital Marketing Manager, AJ, decided to kick our little bird out of the nest, phoned our trusted website supplier and struck a deal with him to get our website up and running. And here we are! We undertake to start practicing what we preach and keep this baby alive and flourishing. This will become the home of marketing insight for small to medium businesses operating or wanting to operate in the countryside of South Africa. Welcome to our home, it’s a pleasure to have you here.

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  1. Well done!!!
    May you be blessed abundantly with your new journey and excel from baby steps to sprinting!
    God bless!


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