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Digital Advertising

If you still refer to digital advertising as “boosting” – you might be barking up the wrong tree.

Digital Advertising has opened up a whole new dimension for businesses looking to broaden their horisons. Suddenly your client is everybody on social media with an interest or possible interest in your product or service.

We help our clients connect the dots by creating digital advertising campaigns to connect them with potential customers. Social media advertising and Google Adwords have now become essential marketing tools for all businesses. But we also assist clients in navigating this ever changing landscape to achieve maximum results, but still remaining budget conscious.

This is what you need if you want to start with paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Social Media Management

Organically reaching out to your market and engaging with them is an art. Social media is not just a sales channel – it’s a relationship building and maintaining tool to earn the respect and trust of those who might buy.



Public Relations

The PR environment has changed drastically in the past few years, that’s why we’ve adapted our approach to traditional PR. As PR professionals we consider all aspects of your social, digital and reputational footprint to ensure we deliver the best results. We maintain relationships with credible media personalities and channels and understand beats, angles and news cycles. We are also able to assist with crisis communication.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the cornerstone of a successful business, ensuring customers leave your business with satisfaction is the road to success. We help you refine the customer experience strategy to ensure client retention and new business opportunities. 



Marketing Integration

Integrated marketing might sound like a new buzz word but it’s in fact the way of the future. Gone are the days where marketing departments are treated as separate entities! We lead you to an integrated approach to marketing communications that ensures that all channels are aligned and following the same strategy, overarching business objectives and company values.

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